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I went “Back to MAC”

Probably many of you can relate to me when I say that I get superrrr excited when I hit a pan on any beauty product or finish any lipstick…Only because then I can go and buy more stuff..Not that this is the only reason to buy new stuff but this is 1 reason with which I can easily convince my darling Mr. husband (or rather sometimes make him feel bad about not owning something) to buy new stuff.

Most of you girls who love MAC must be aware about its “BACK to MAC” program. Under this, when you return 6 empty MAC containers either in-store or online then MAC will give you a free lipstick absolutely free. Amazing it is, isn’t it!!

So, finally time came when I finished(almost) few MAC products of mine and also I had to pick up a pressed powder for summers, and I headed to MAC cosmetics store at Select Citywalk, Delhi. I deliberately went on a weekday(so that the SA’s could give me some more time) so that I could try and check out a lot more stuff than I actually had to buy so that I can further my wishlist.

Below are the 6 products that I returned –

Back to MAC

  1. 3 lipsticks- Half N Half, Syrup, Fanfare. They all are in the permanent collection. Half N Half being a perfect nude, Syrup and Fanfare more on pink sides but again more of MLBB shades. Do check these out if you are into pink tone creamy lipsticks. I am sure you will love these. I loved these to death. In fact, I had almost decided that I will restock Fanfare again if I don’t like any other lipstick.
  2. Mascara- Studio Fix Boldblack Lash- This is 1 of my less loved products from MAC (surprisingly). I felt it didn’t do much to my lashes and if I applied more than 2 coats, it just became clumpy. The mascara mostly dried instead of getting finished up.
  3. Nailpaint in shade Steamy- This was 1 of my 1st nail paints from MAC. I was definitely floored by the long-term wearability of MAC nail paints, which I think make them stand apart from other brands. I usually put a nail paint on Sunday evening (so that my nails can look the pretty best starting Monday :P), and mostly have to change the nail paint by Thursday because most of the brands lose their sheen and also start chipping by then. However, this one remains very nice for the whole week (can you imagine that). So, I change it by next Sunday, which is a whopping one whole week. Its awesome, isn’t it!!!! Honestly I didn’t finish it completely, but it was surely 1 of my most used nail paints and it went on for about 2 long years, only becoming thicker towards the end.
  4. Mineralise SPF15 foundation Fond de teint- This was my 1st MAC foundation ever which I bought 3 years back. I finished it in exactly 6 months as this was my most used product. It was absolutely light on skin and used to give a very natural finish. It is now not in production or else I would have definitely restocked this.

Now, finally, which lipstick did I buy in exchange. I really wanted to try a matte lipstick this time as I feel during summers, they are probably lighter to wear with long term wearability. However, only my love for their creamy lipsticks, again made me pick up another coral lipstick. I have taken a coral shade called “Ravishing”. It’s a very summery peachy color which will look great on Indian fair skintones or if you are a MAC fanatic then anywhere between NC 35-40 (sorry for sounding racist but I just wanted to be fair to girls who still get confused between the MAC skintones). I will be talking about this lipstick in detail along with swatches on my lips in another planned post of my fav coral lipsticks from MAC.

MAC Ravishing

MAC Ravishing

Other than this, as I said, I also needed a pressed powder, I really wanted to buy MAC Careblend but looks like its also been stopped from production as its not been shipping to India for quite sometime now. Anyways, I picked the MAC Sheer coverage and I just need it to set my foundation or use it alone for a very slight coverage. I didn’t need a heavy foundation powder so didn’t take MAC studiofinish.

Let me know if you have tried any of the above products and what do you feel about them. By the way, I have got my wishlist ready for next MAC trip- Blacktrack fluidline and MAC Face and body foundation. What is there in your MAC wishlist? I would love to know :)




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