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My top 5 favourite Youtubers

youtube I am pretty pretty sure that if you follow or read my blog sometimes or any other beauty or fashion or lifestyle blog, you must definitely be following a couple of youtube artists as well…Youtubers could be in the space of makeup- for their brilliant makeup skills or nails or technology or any other space. Youtube is a world in itself and I myself got hooked to it pretty late I would say in its 5 years of existence but its reach and awesomeness is something which I can’t even begin to praise. Anyways, moving to the topic today- my top 5 favorite youtubers. Honestly, I do check a lot of stuff on youtube but pretty much subscribed only to Makeup artists for their amazing makeup skills. I personally think, doing your own makeup is so much easier off camera, but these girls are so brilliant on-camera that you need to watch them to believe it. Mostly all of them are professional makeup artists though, but as confessed by them- all are self-taught. Below are my top 5 girls-

  1. Jaclyn Hill- You can catch her youtube channel here.

jaclyn hill She is super pretty, all of 22 years( can’t be sure about that though about these “celebs”), does makeup like nobody’s business! I am completely hooked to her channel and have recreated several of her looks myself.

2. Marlena from Makeup Geek- you can catch her channel here

Marlena from makeupgeek She is an American former school teacher who used her love for makeup and use of social media to start her own hugely successful American makeup brand called as “Make-up Geek”. Though I could not get my hands yet on its makeup yet but have heard rave reviews that its almost “Mac” quality stuff at better prices. She is in her late thirties, has lost oodles of weight(abt 100 pounds) and I find her super pretty.

3. Lizzy from What would Lizzy do- you can catch her channel here- whatwouldLizzydo She is a slightly dark skinned makeup artist with exceptional eye makeup skills. I totally love her personality by the way she talks. Some can find her really weird but I totally love her and her channel.

4. Kaushal Beauty – you can check here channel here. Kaushal She is an Indian beauty (though doesn’t reside in india), is super pretty, does a lot of Bollywood inspired makeup videos and her makeup skills are to die for. The best part I like about her channel is that she doesn’t try and push too many products on your face and doesn’t sort of make you feel that you need to buy everything (even if your skin doesn’t really require it) which is a quality I have seen in most “bigger” youtube artists as they have huge associations with various brands and get a commission from most of their sales.

  1. Ankita from Corallista- Check her videos here

corallista Another Indian beauty blogger, based out in Tokyo. She has a successful beauty blog and a youtube channel. She is 1 youtuber which you should follow if you want to learn beautiful yet simple makeup without using too many products and with a lot of Indian beauty brands. My list could not really have been complete without including an Indian youtuber here. I follow lot many other youtubers as well but these were my top 5. The only “cons” of following these channels is that you feel like buying everything which they use themselves to make them look like that but before indulging do remember the below things-

  1. They are professional makeup artists and are paid to do makeup videos. Its their “job”.
  2. They don’t wear makeup like that all the time. Its only for their videos.
  3. They are being sent most of the makeup free from the PR professionals of the makeup brands for publicity.
  4. Most of them also are professional makeup artists and use those products on their “clients”.

Other than that, I feel it’s a great way to learn makeup, know the latest launches in the beauty world and know what can work well before really investing in an expensive product. Do let me know about your favourite youtube makeup artists as I am always on a look out for interesting ones. Also, if you like my posts to straight come to your mailboxes, then do subscribe to them through email. Love, Smita Stay pink, Stay pretty

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  • Laarni

    I got a lot but on a daily basis, i follow these people: essie button, michellephan and tiffanyd.

  • Sissi

    Nice picks! I did not even recognize Marlena cause you chose such an old pic- lmao! Hey- why am I not in your list? (just kidding).

    • Smita Roy

      Yes even I thot LATER that Marlenas pic is really old bt I left it ;)

  • Krithi T

    I only follow ankita from this list Smita …thanks for this post.
    I love few youtubers as well and the list goes like this :)
    Dulcy candy
    Amelia Liana
    Essie button
    Ingrid nelsen and many more

    • Smita Roy

      Yay….I will check out ur favs now :)

  • Richa

    Lovely List…I love Ankita’s Videos…Her Makeup is super prettyie :)
    I am gonna checkout Kaushal’s videos! I love watching Emily too..She has a great range of videos!!

    • Smita Roy

      Thts great….

  • peachesandcorals

    This Kaushal is so pretty!! I loved her Aishwarya Rai inspired video…she was closest

    • Smita Roy

      Yes she is super pretty n talented as well :)

  • Nisha Mishra Singh

    I have seen videos of make up geek and Ankita and like their makeup lessons

    • Smita Roy

      Yes Nisha…they r amazing :) m hooked…

  • Jenny Josleyn

    Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorites too. Her outtakes at the end are hilarious!!

    • Smita Roy

      Yes love love love dem ;)

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I know a few of these ladies! But I usually just watch their videos on their blog, not on Youtube.

    • Smita Roy

      ohkkk….I personally feel these youtube artists mostly just are good at videos and not so much on their blogs ;)

  • Simera

    I don’t usually watch You tube videos only because I prefer to read blog but Makeup Geek is one of my favorites too.

    • Smita Roy

      Oh…m just addicted to youtube these days :) Marlena from makeup geek is marvelous

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