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Review | Origins Clear Improvement Active charcoal Mask

I have always been a lover of masks of all kinds. I feel they are a luxurious way to pamper your skin. Yes, they are probably not part of the “usual” skincare routine of many people but for me, they are. I think they cleanse/hydrate the skin depending on the need of the individual.

Origins Activated charcoal mask review India

Today, I will mostly be raving about the recently tried mask- Origins Clear improvement Active charcoal Mask. This mask was on my wishlist when Tanya Burr had raved about it in 1 of her videos. Finally I could get my hands on it when I travelled to Singapore recently.

About the brand Origins – It’s a brand owned by Estee Lauder companies and is known for their natural skin care products. This brand is against Animal testing, for people who are sensitive towards that.

About the mask- This is a mask with Activated charcoal to clear out all clogged pores. The product claims that Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. It also contains White China clay which absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that stuff down there, skin breathes a sigh of relief. Best for all skin types.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask review India

Also, for people who are really into natural products, this mask is free from Parabens, Sulphates, Synthetic Fragrances/Dyes, Triclosan etc. (Can I be really honest here by saying that I like to know if my skincare is natural but I am not too averse to using products with certain “artificial/chemical” ingredients)

Mask on the face

Mask on the face

How I use the mask- I have used this mask for about 4 times now. As the “usage” instructions given on the tube, I first open my pores using a warm moist towel. Then, by taking decent amount of product (as shown in the pic), I spread the product on my face. The mask is very easily spreadable, its not of very thin consistency, which is good, and takes about 20-25 minutes to dry completely. It feels really hot for a minute post applying this mask, it doesn’t have any strong smell(a very faint charcoal smell which disappears immediately). Once dry, it really tightens the skin. Note- It’s a bit of a pain to remove this mask once completely dry(read- I have to wash my face for good 5-7 minutes for it to completely wash off).

My take on the mask- Black heads just love my nose so I need more than just a face wash to make it clearer. Once I use this mask, my nose definitely feels lot clearer. I have combination skin type and use it on my complete face. After washing off, my cheeks do feel a little more “drier” than usual and I have to use a very light gel based cream/lotion for little hydration. I just love the cleansed feeling that i get post using this mask and literally go without any makeup for the day I use it. It hasn’t given me any break outs or so (Do note- My skin is behaving well these days and don’t get too many break outs). Overall I just love the mask.

My cleansed skin post using the mask

My cleansed skin post using the mask

Price/Availability- I bought it in Singapore for SGD 30 from Changi Airport. In India, you can buy it on strawberrynet online or may be check few more sites for better price.

In my opinion, it’s a great mask for combination to oily skin types for deep cleansing once a week, not so much for dry skin type people.

I will definitely be open to trying out more of skincare from the brand as I loved this one. Have you used Origins products? Let me know what you liked and what didn’t.






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  • jhilmildsaha

    sounds great..but I think availability is the biggest issue here

    • Smita Roy

      Yes jhilmil…thats the biggest issue with these.products :(

  • Divya

    Hey Smita! great review! I have a long list of Origins products I am getting this time around! but its mostly moisturisers .. I am very happy with Aesop at the moment, so might not stray! :-)

    • Smita Roy

      U know m regretting so much of not picking up origins skincarr myself abroad…now looking for sites which can deliver here :( lemme know if u know any…n Aesop is like the king of masks..u neednt stray babe ;)

  • Priyanka

    I have heard lots of great reviews on this mask, Planning to buy it soon. Loved your review. Happy weekend :-)

    • Smita Roy

      Thank you Priyanka :)

  • natashabhatt

    This wud work for my oily to combination skin.. great review :)

    • Smita Roy

      Thanks natasha :) do check out in case u get ur hands on it :)

  • Richa

    Lovely Review dear! I have never tried any of the Charcoal masks but this looks great…Looking forward to trying it :)

    • Smita Roy

      Its nice but just the availability issues in india…urgghhhh….

  • Varinder Jeet

    Great review I have this charcoal mask and I love it to bits x

    • Smita Roy

      Thanks gal….I have started loving it too :)

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I’d love to give this a try! I’ve been suffering from stubborn tiny blackheads around my nose too lately >:-(

    • Smita Roy

      Yes Melissa…works pretty nicely on the blackheads…n ya have a great trip to Greece :)

  • Lakshmi

    seems great, but not for my dry skin :|

    • Smita Roy

      True Laks..its not for dry skin IMO…

  • Fiona Furtado

    Oh man!!! I wanted to try this since forever. Anyhoo let’s see how I can get my hands on this. I too love masks, I use deep pore cleansing mask and an overnight mask. And they are like must have.

    • Smita Roy

      wow…lemme know which ones do u use Fiona…wud love to know :)

      • peachesandcorals

        I use Kiehls Rare Eart Deep Pore cleansing masque and origins intensive overnight mask

        • Smita Roy

          Oh cool…whr did u pick up origins?? I mean which website or picked up while travelling??

          • fiona furtado

            Hey my best friend sent it across sweetie. xx

  • Jaa

    I’ve been curious about this mask for a while so thanks for the review, Smita! I am currently using something similar to clear my pores but will check this out during my next trip to Sephora! :)

    • Smita Roy

      Super…glad the review helped u :) happy shopping fr ur next trip to sephora :)

  • Simera

    Looks great. I might have to skip this since I have very dry skin.

    • Smita Roy

      Oh yes Simera…its just not for people with dry skin…

  • howdoesdeedoit

    Looks like it does the job Smita! THanks for the review. I havent used many Origins products myself but for masks Im quite enjoying my Pur minerals mask at the moment!Too drying in the winter but good for the summer (on dry skin)

    • Smita Roy

      Yes it definitely does the job for combination skin type…great that u have ur HG mask :)

  • Krithi T

    This is in my wish list for so long
    Great review let’s see when I can get hold of this product

    • Smita Roy

      Its amazing…hope u get it soon gal :)

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