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My favourite makeup cleansers- a post from Singapore


How are you all doing? I am writing this post from a business class seat of Singapore airlines. No no…I am not a show off..this is the first time I am travelling business ‘cos Mr. hubby wanted to treat me etc. I personally think it’s being extravagant but nevertheless. Where am I going? Well, I am going to Singapore. For what? Well, its mine and Mr. AR’s 4th wedding anniversary so we wanted to go celebrate and ofcourse I wanted to shop :P So definitely there will be a few posts coming in from S’pore containing lots of pictures about what I shop etc etc. Do give me your suggestions about what I can shop where and ofcourse if there are any specific restaurants or anything extraordinary which we can try. We will be going to Batam island as well which is about 30 minutes from Singapore. So really looking forward to having fun out there.

Bioderma vs Maybelline

Anyways, coming back to what I wanted to write about.. My favourite makeup cleansers. Well, what really got me writing this was the fact that even few of my closest friends were not so very conscious about cleansing their faces in the night after being back from a party or clubbing or whatever just because either they were too tired or drunk or lazy. Can you beat that? Well, as per me, it’s an absolute SIN to commit. I don’t remember ever sleeping with my makeup on.

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  • poonamjain

    Enjoy ur trip dear.. will be waiting for ur singapore haull ;)

    • Smita Roy

      Thanks poo:) m back already and do check the new haul post…its up on the blog already :)

  • natashabhatt

    Enjoy ur trip n happy anniversary :)

    • Smita Roy

      Thanks a lot babe :)

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