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MAC Coral lipsticks love from a Coral lover

MAC lipsticks My love for corals started about 2 years back. I had gone to MAC to pick up just a usual “pink/nude” lipstick which I could wear on a daily basis. I was extremely conventional with my color choices till about 2 years back. I was only into neutral lipsticks. Period!! Then, the SA at MAC asked me to try something different for my taste and the coral craze had just started then. I laughed off saying who could think about wearing such a color and left it at that, without even trying the color. I picked up some usual nude of mine and then came home. Few days passed and I saw a few girls sporting the color. I still thought silly trend which will pass soon but at the same time I secretly started liking the color. Then one day, just stifling through various things at MAC, I saw a pretty woman wearing a nice bright coral color and talking to many MAC SA’s. I knew she must be some trainer there. I asked my SA to help me with the same color “the trainer” was wearing. She showed me “Vegas Bolt”. That’s it. I was floored/bowled over/done with nudes. I bought it right away. Today, I will talk about my 3 favourite coral lipstick colors from MAC.

  1. MAC Vegas Bolt- It’s a bright coral color in the “amplified” finish. For those not aware about MAC’s terminology in lipsticks, Amplified is a super creamy, glossy yet opaque version of lipsticks with decent staying power. This lipstick has no shimmer or frost and gives an absolutely beautiful bright coral glossy look to the lips, making them feel very comfortable and moisturised. The color is quite bright if you are use to swiping 2-3 coats like me. I wear this color when I want to perk up my boring face with just a little mascara and smudged kohl. Its my absolute favourite and a must-have for all skin tones IMO.

MAC Vegas Bolt

2. MAC See Sheer- This is a “lustre” finish lipstick in a pink/coral shade. More pink than coral I think. Its perfect for everyday wear with huge sheen. This finish of lipsticks isn’t packed with too many pigments and is mostly on sheer side. So probably if you have hugely pigmented lips, it might not show so much. But for me, this is 1 of my most worn shades. If someday I am super confused on which lipstick to wear, this is my go to shade. See me wearing this below.

MAC See Sheer

3. MAC Ravishing- This is my latest addition to my coral love. It’s just been 2 days that I got this and I cant get enough of wearing it, be it a cozy dinner with Mr. Husband or out during the day. It’s a milky coral color and probably won’t suit too many complexions in my opinions as it might stand out a bit more on warmer skin tones. Its good for slightly lighter complexions and is very good for summers/spring seasons. See me wearing this below.

MAC Ravishing Note- all lipsticks are super hydrating and moisturizing. They are all on glossy side which might not be liked by a matte lover. They don’t settle in fine lines and except Vegas Bolt, none of the above 2 leave any stain on the lips (though would love to have some stain left). P.S.- Pardon my super dirty-looking 3rd day hair. I just realised when I saw myself in the pictures and didn’t want to wait till tomorrow for the post after so much of work :P Anyhow the post is only about lipsticks and not about my hair so please ignore :P Also, I am enclosing a quick picture of my bare lips below so that you can get an idea of my bare lips and how the color might look on you if you have a similar complexion/lip color. neutral lips Extra make up in the pictures above-

  1. MAC moisture select cover concealer
  2. MAC sheer coverage compact powder
  3. Maybelline kohl on lash line as well as smudged on upper lash line using MAC 219 brush
  4. Benefit They’re real mascara
  5. MAC Melba blush

Are you a MAC lipstick lover yourself? Which ones do you own? Love, Smita

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