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The legendary MAC brushes drama- To buy or not to buy

Hey all,

I am back after a few days. Has it ever happened to you that you just want to stop , sit at a nice café and just stare at passers by. Just forget your beeping phones, checking your facebook/instragram/twitter every 10 minutes to check what is happening with other people’s lives or just tell the world what is happening to you. I know sounds a little physic in these days of social media, but I just want to admit, that I love hanging around at cafes (mostly in a mall since its burning hot in Delhi these days), read my favourite book and stare into nothingness.

Ever since I have left my full time work (about 6 months back), I am doing things which excited me and I always though I never had time to do, like reading and joining a fitness class(and ofcourse blogging). Also, as I said earlier that I am back after a few days, cos instead of just getting into the rush of increasing visitors to my blog by creating articles everyday, I was enjoying reading other blogs more which probably have been writing from last x years , have amazingly gorgeous pictures to look at or are just better writers :)

Anyways, coming to my topic of discussion today, I wanted to talk about the much hyped(read: true at times) drama of MAC brushes.

MAC 187, MAC 219, MAC 224

MAC 187, MAC 219, MAC 224

MAC 187, MAC 219, MAC 224

MAC 187, MAC 219, MAC 224

I own a couple of makeup brushes and as all of you know, MAC is 1 such brand which creates hugely impressive line of make brushes for that flawless look. But the question is, do we need to buy all/most of the brushes made by the brand or are there few picked brushes which can be multi-tasked and yet help in creating the best look. Today I will be talking about my favourite and only brushes from MAC which I own which are a must have in my stash and probably you could sometime pick them up as well (please- only depending on your need).

The legendary MAC 187 dual fibre brush

MAC 187 brush

MAC 187 brush

MAC 187 stippling brush- top view

MAC 187 stippling brush- top view

This is a large, densely bristled brush(but not super thick) packed with a blend of both goat and synthetic fibers. It also better known as a stippling brush. Stippling means lightly patting the product (could be any foundation or blush or bronzer) on the brush and then patting it on the face.

I will be honest if I say I really thought before getting this brush for myself because of its super expensive price but is it really worth.

How I use this brush-

Initially, I used this brush only for my foundation. Liquid or cream, but only for foundation. It gave me super flawless yet sheer results. Its an extremely soft brush and feels like ticklish on the face. I just press the brush very lightly on the face and it gives me nice flawless results. However, do note that this brush can shed initially and also it can be a little streaky if you don’t use it properly. You need to be really soft as well as patient with this brush. You can build the coverage with it but need to give it more time as compared to other fuller and denser brushes like Sigma F80 or Real Techniques buffing brush

Now, I have also started using this brush for my highly pigmented blushes or bronzers as I said it gives a sheer coverage of any product and the stippling motion controls the amount of product you apply on the face.

Overall, I would say, I am in complete love with this brush as its multi-tasking and also because it gives me a sheerer coverage of various products(exactly how I love).

Should you buy it- Yes, if you love sheer coverage of various products and need a brush which can be multi-tasked and no if you are more of a heavy coverage lover.

Cost- Approx 55 USD/ INR 3200

MAC 219 brush or better know as the pencil brush

MAC 219 pencil brush

MAC 219 pencil brush

This is a really small (read: tiny)tapered brush with slightly stiffer bristles (read: not hard). This is another 1 of those super famous as well as legendary brushes of MAC which can be used for various tasks.

How I use it- I basically bought this brush initially because I just love the neutral eye shadow and smudged eye liner/eye pencil look on the lid. However, now over the last few years or so, I have started using this brush for packing dark colors on my outer corner of the eye or highlighting inner corner of the eye and also shading the lash line. I even use it for doing those super tricky “cut and crease” eye makeups and this results in brilliant look cos of its high precision and small size.

The best part I like about this brush is that although it is small and stiff, yet its not hard on the sensitive eyes at all. I like my eye brushes to be really soft because my lid is super soft and at times gets creasy if the brush is hard. This brush totally helps me in achieving my desired go to look without being harsh to my lids.

Should you buy it- I would say run and buy this brush if you need a smudging brush. It is one of those super quality brushes which will last you for ages, giving you brilliant results.

Cost- approx. USD 25

MAC 224 brush- the blending brush

MAC 224 brush

MAC 224 brush

This is a relatively small (read: not tiny like 219) tapered brush with soft bristles used for blending the “transition” color on the eye lids.

How I use it: This was 1 of my 1st MAC brushes when I had almost started doing the “blending” eye makeup. I use it for blending my eye colors on the eye and recently I have also started using this brush for applying highlighter on my cheek bones.

My take on this brush- This brush is good for people with slightly bigger eye lids and definitely not much for people with hooded eyes in my opinion, since it covers a larger area on the eyes. Its amazing for blending the colors, but as I said the working area has to be slightly bigger or else the color can go all over the place.

Should you buy it- In case you have bigger eye lids and are looking for a blending brush, you can definitely try this one. But would also suggest trying out MAC 217 (another super famous MAC brush which I don’t own because I did not feel the need yet).

Cost- approx. 32 USD/ 2000INR

I know in case you are a beauty blogger, you already know lot more about makeup brushes than myself, but I have just written this for helping those who are confused about super expensive and famous MAC brushes, as I did a few years back and probably can help them in deciding which ones to invest in.



Stay pink, Stay pretty :)



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  • Zahira Shaikh

    Hey Smita… I share your sentiments of sitting in a cafe and just staring at the passer by.. nice review dear… Mac pencil brush is on my wish list….will get it soon.

  • keerthi

    very useful post.i wanted to get the MAC 187 brush from a very long time..but the price scared me..instead i got the real techniques brushes. after reading your post i feel like getting the MAC one too :P..
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    • Smita@missprettypink

      Well, Keerthi, if you have RT brushes, then you can may be quit getting this one honestly. I have recently acquired RT brushes and just loving the buffing brush for my foundation. But ya, having said so, I still love my MAC 187 as its really versatile :)

  • peachesandcorals

    I just bumped into your blog and I love it!! Your mac brushes are nice

    • Smita Roy

      Thanks gal…

  • howdoesdeedoit

    Hey Smita, nice blog:) I love the MAC 127 but it recently broke away from the handle:( The good news is however that they will apparently replace it free of charge at any MAC store..this is something that I only literally learned 2 days ago! The Pur Minerals Liquid chisel brush is also really good and comparable I find, at a fraction of the cost!

    • Smita Roy

      Hey Dee, Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my blog :) I too liked your blog and followed you on bloglovin :) will be stopping by more often at ur blog now…u too can follow me if you like…Regarding the MAC brushes, its great that they are replacing the brush…in fact they ought to, cos their brushes r soooo expensive :)

  • Krithi T
    • Smita Roy

      glad you liked it Krithi ::)

  • A Golden Tulip

    That is a very informative post for beginners like me… and so true about turning off the internet from your life!


    • Smita Roy

      Yes, its so important to invest in what you truly need…

  • Jules

    I haven’t made the jump to try MAC brushes! I have a Sonia Kashuk stippling brush that looks identical to that MAC brush!

    • Smita Roy

      Jules, its definitely not mandatory to try MAC brushes…in fact now I have a list of other good brands which have amazing quality, even better than MAC which I need to try out…great if your other brush is similar to MAC :)

  • Sissi

    I really miss just sitting in a cafe and watch people walking by. I should start that again- and yes: we do way to much on our phones, tablets…you are so right. The Mac brushes sound fantastic! Really need a new blending brush…

    • Smita Roy

      Yes Sissi…its so impt sometimes to be just cut off from our social media life I think…you can check out the blending brush if you like this 1 and don’t mind spending big bucks at MAC :)

  • Lakshmi

    very informative for beginners. now i know which one to buy :)

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I use the 219 every day. Together with the 239 and the 217 it’s one of my three top favorite MAC brushes :-)

    • Smita Roy

      So true…219 is my staple as well…thanks fr stopping by Melissa :)

  • Richa

    I like how you have listed out from the perspective of a beginner…Its truly helpful to everyone! The thing is many people just need basics or don’t know the complexities with which to employ MAC brushes…I still have to buy my first MAC brush!
    Lovely Post :)

    • Smita Roy

      M glad you found the post brushes is a huge world and not everybody is a super pro..also mac brushes r expensive so its impt to buy only what you truly can follow me on bloglovin or fb or google+ for more such posts..thanks :)

  • Simran@leavepillow

    These are must have brushes

    • Smita Roy

      Yes Simran..depending on which you need u have any of these yet??

  • jhilmildsaha

    These are every girls’ dream brushes!! Now I can make my mind on what I actually need.

    • Smita Roy

      Yes babe but I did collect these over the years….do buy the 1 which suits u :)

  • Lana Ray

    MAC 219 is on my wishlist..its soo expensive :(
    Do you want to follow each other through Bloglovin’? I’ll follow back for sure :D

    • Smita Roy

      Hey Lana, thanks for stopping by my blog…sure I love to connect with other bloggers…have followed u..u can do so as well :)

  • Sunny

    Hey Smita, I know what you mean. I enjoy being cut off from time to time as well. Now I check my phone ALL the time to see what’s going on, and it can’t be healthy!

    I have two 219’s and it’s one of the brushes I can’t do my eye makeup without. I use it to highlight my inner corners as well as smudging the eyeliner on my bottom lash line out with some eyeshadow to soften the look.

    • Smita Roy

      Now that’s an amazing (but expensive :( ) idea to use two 219’s as even I always struggle to highlight as well as smoke out my eye. thanks for the tip anyways :)

  • Charu Sharma

    Nice post honey. I too own 3 MAC brushes and love them all :)

    • Smita Roy

      Thanks Charu…which ones do you own??

  • Simera

    Very useful post. I own a lot of brushes from Mac and like them a lot.I find more and more companies coming out with the same quality or better then MAC recently.

    • Smita Roy

      Thnks Simera. Definitely many companies r coming out wid great quality brushes these days..this 1 was abt good n famous mac brushes :)

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