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A Darn good BB Cream |Loreal Nude Magique

Hello girls, I know I had been away this time for slightly longer than usual but it was because I was unwell and now that I am all up and about, I promise my posts will be definitely more regular. Anyways, what’s been up with you all this while and what did I miss?

You must be aware about my recent trip to Singapore and various products that I picked up from there. If not, you can check it out here :) So, now for coming few days, couple of posts will be a few reviews of the new stuff that I have tried till now and probably liked. Loreal Nude MAgique BB cream Today, I will be talking about a basic necessity of a wonder product called as BB cream. I have tried the Loreal NUDE Magique BB Cream.

It claims to give 24hr hydration along with SPF 12 and a perfect bare skin. I have a normal to combination skin during summers and in this melting heat, just CANNOT wear a foundation each time I go out. Hence, this comes to my rescue. It does contain some SPF (12)but if I have to go in real bad heat, I top it up further with some more SPF. Loreal Nude Magique BB cream If you can make out in the picture, it comes out slightly whitish in color, which transform into foundation-color within probably 2-3 seconds while applying the product on the face.

It does give a light weight coverage as it claims and I am sure its buildable, though these days, my skin is behaving well so I don’t really have to build up too much.

One thing which I am not sure about is- When I was buying this, the SA told me the “medium” shade will automatically become my shade. Even if I was slightly lighter or darker, it would have magically transformed to my shade. Now this “magical” stuff Is something unbelievable sorts. I mean, I am happy with the shade but not sure if you are slightly darker or lighter than my skin tone, will it really suit that well to you. This can be only tired at the counter.

Shades- It comes in 2 shades- “Medium” skin tone and “light” skin tone. The SA told me “light” skin tone is for non-Asian people (If that makes sense ;) )

Staying power- I am happy with the amount of time it holds on to my skin- about 5-6 hours, which I think is pretty well in this crazy 40+ degrees heat. A really good part about it is- IT DOESN’T OXIDISE. Yes, you read it right. I have been having this weird issue during summers about my foundation/ BB cream oxidising and making me look darker, but this 1 didn’t oxidise, even after 6 hours. How cool is that.

Finish- Though it says it will give Dewy finish but it gives me a pretty matte look, though not powder matte. Although I like a bit more dewy look but since its not sooo matte, so its fine.

Packaging- Simple and great for travelling as well as for daily use. The opening is through a nozzle, which is good to control the quantity of the product , BUT the cream is really runny so do take care while taking the product out.

Availability/Cost- Its NOT available in India yet :( I picked it up from the Delhi Airport. Costed me USD 12

Do give it a try if you are looking for a drugstore BB cream, can get your shade and don’t mind the slightly matte finish. I will be back with another review of another product real soon :)

Till then, Ciao.



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  • Krithi T

    looks like good one for drugstore quality
    sad that it is not available in India yet :(

    • Smita Roy

      Yes Krithi..decent for drugstore…india always has availability issues :(

  • howdoesdeedoit

    I remember trying this a while ago and thinking it was a tad too light for my skintone, but the texture and evetything else was actually really nice! If you ever want to try a Canadian BB cream ( I know it sounds wierd,but they do exist!) there’s one thats actually VERY VERY good – its the Marcelle BB cream ( and the Annabelle one too).

    • Smita Roy

      Oh Canadian beauty interesting. .lets c if I ever get to try that product…the issue in dis 1 is ltd shades..probably light 1 was too light fr ur skin tone…whats ur Mac skin tone ;)

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Yeah, oxidization often is an issue for me. Oily skin… has a different PH and messes things up >:-( I’m glad to hear that this one doesn’t darken over time!

    • Smita Roy

      Yes, I am longing to buy an Estee lauder non – oxidizing BB cream to try if that 1 doesnt oxidise at all…lets c wen…

  • Niesha

    I love BB creams and would love to try this out. Wish it gets available here soon!

    • Smita Roy

      Ya fact I have seen so many amazing drug store products not getting launched at all here :( so unfair to us :(

  • Lakshmi

    seems great, nice review dear.

    • Smita Roy

      Thanks laks :)

  • Lana

    Going by the name I thought it would give a ewy finish..not a matte one! But I like that it has good staying power, some BB creams just vanish off the skin in few hours!

    • Smita Roy

      Yes Lana, staying power is pretty gud actually….

  • Richa

    wow! No BB cream has worked quite well for me yet….This seems to work beautifully…wished it was available in India :)

    • Smita Roy

      Yes availability is always slow to india :( sad stuff…

  • Surbhi Saimbi

    That’s good to hear.. I can pick one while in UK then.. And I have realised the medium shade usually works best on Indian skin.. Also, interestingly, the body shop BB cream also has a similar texture as you described. White color and then the granules split and give an even tone to the skin.. :)

    • Smita Roy

      Oh didnt know body shops 1 also had same texture..had heard abt tht 1 as well…gud gud…pick this 1 up fr urself n I can also give u a list of stuff to pick up fr me ;)

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