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Sephora Canada haul

Sephora Canada
Mr. husband is on a full travelling spree… He is literally covering half of the world as “his region” and travelling atleast 10-12 days in a month. I am completely hating it , all the more because of my small baby. Although, thankfully, I shift to my mum’s place with mine and baby’s bag/baggage if Mr husband travels for close to a week. So, t [...]

Clinique cheek stick in Roly Poly

Clinique chubby cheek stick
I have always appreciated the brand Clinique for the amazing skincare they had, but somehow couldn’t really place them well in the makeup range as well. I am not sure why. Then, one fine day, a heavily preggo me, while roaming in the candy land, a.k.a. Sephora in Select city walk Delhi, stopped at Clinique to restock on my under eye gel. The [...]

Quick introduction of my baby- “Aarav...

Quick introduction of my baby- “Aarav”
A big big hi to all of you who were following/reading my blog for sometime. If you were, you must be aware that I had taken a small break from blogging as I was due to deliver my 1st baby. So I thought let me give you a quick update of what happened in my life in these 2 months and also introduce you all to my baby Aarav. Story then I had a p [...]

Starting a new phase of my life
Well, I hope some of you haven’t forgotten me in this huge blogosphere. Nevertheless, I would like to share the biggest transition of my life- from an independent , party loving, shopaholic , travel-loving girl to a soon-to-be mom Yes, this probably will explain my absence from my beloved blog for long time and few friends that I have made [...]

Dress like a princess and how
I got married 4 years back. I was a super traditional “Indian” bride with bright colors and “Lehenga”- an Indian traditional dress which most Indian women wear on their D-days. that’s me on my D-day :) I recently attended many weddings/engagements/ baby showers/cocktails/club nights and was seeing how the dressing styles have changed fo [...]

The Mascara war| Benefit They’re real...

Benefit theyre real mascara loreal falselash effect
I won’t even get started on the fact that how a mascara can completely change your look and make you look more awake. I am just so obsessed about this mini wonder that I am always stocked with atleast 2 at any time. The only reason I didn’t do any review of any mascara yet on my blog is for a simple reason- I just couldn’t take nice pictures [...]

Makeup that goes to the bin #1

This is the 1st post in this kind of series. No, it is not an empties post. It is a post in which I will be talking of stuff which either I hated or probably they got less love from me (not because they were bad in quality) and they expired. I’m sure many of you can relate to me if I say that I buy new stuff (read: even if I don’t need it) an [...]

NYX Setting Spray| Review and my thou...

Nyx Setting spray
I am not so much of a makeup setting person. Thanks to my combination-dry skin type, my makeup stays put for pretty decent time without too much of a hassle (unless I am wearing really heavy makeup out in the sun). Can you believe that I don’t even need a primer on my skin. My gel-based moisturisers provide a pretty good base for my foundati [...]

MAC Chatterbox and its close sister d...
Hey girls, I am sure if you have read my blog even a couple of times, you must have come to know my love for the color pink. This is a very quick post about 1 of favourite MAC lipsticks called Chatterbox and its close dupe in Nyx lipstick called Fig (# 640). MAC chatterbox and Nyx Fig I am sure if you are reading this post, then you are aware [...]

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation| Old...

Lancome Teint Miracle
What can I say about this foundation about which already so much has been written and talked about. Well, this is almost a 3.5 year old launch and if you have been in the beauty world or have been a beauty lover since then, I am quite sure you must have atleast heard about this Miracle in a bottle. If you have, you probably don’t need to go [...]

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